Adapt or Die

From big box to niche boutique, LUKE offers a new way to edit and finish the highest quality commercial content. 

Led by award winning editor Lucas Spaulding with over two decades of experience, LUKE strips down the commercial editorial process to put today’s dwindling advertising dollars back where they belong, on the screen. 

Foregoing the traditional brick and mortar approach, LUKE has partnerships with post companies around town and across the country.  This gives us the unique ability to scale up or down to fit the needs each job while keeping costs low. All of this while providing a proven team of experienced editors, producers and assistants to shepherd the job from inception to completion. 

Need a beautiful space to impress a CMO?  We have that. What about a cash strapped piece of digital that you want to cut for a budget?  We can handle that too. 

We can also come to you. 

Once complete, every job is professionally organized and archived so that further revisions can be handled on a moments notice. 

So give us a call and let’s make something great.